Virtual office – An office where employee can work from home

The concept of Virtual office has developed because of office automation. Virtual office of an organization is an office where work is done without presence of any physical office and facilities. The entire communication in these kind of offices is through E mail, phones, laptops, computers, video/ audio conferencing, and think pad. As a result any employee who has either of these devices along with internet can work for the organization from any place.

Communication through electronic devices and tools has helped organization in reduction of workload functions like project making, talking to client, video conferencing, etc. following measures can be taken to manage virtual office in better way:
• Providing resources: virtual office concept is totally based on usage of technology like computers and laptops. Hence virtual organization must provide its employee with these resources. The organization should also make sure that the device provided should carry all the features which are needed by employee to carry out work.
• Easy access to information: The organization should make such provisions so that the employees can have easy access to the information required. Right information at right time is very important for success of any organization.
• Even in virtual office concept contact between owner and employee or employee and employee is very important. Hence by making arrangement of call transfer to make sure that this communication occurs in an orderly manner will help in reducing lots of communication issues. For this call transferring work, placing someone at physical office in always advisable. Some organization uses voice messaging system for this purpose.
• Regular meeting and conference calls. Businesses following virtual office concept may not require day to day meeting of employees, it is always better to conduct such meetings to make sure the work is progressing in the right direction. This can be done by either meeting personally or through conference calls.
Because of increase in the concept of virtual office, there are number of virtual service providers in the market. These service providers provide various services like virtual mailbox service, virtual assistant service, call answering services, etc. In virtual mailbox service, a real mailing address is provided, at which virtual office owner can receive all his mails and correspondents. The entire concept of virtual office is very advanced and technology based.