Taking SEO Help from titles and descriptions

Material: Whenever it comes to on page optimization and increases your page rank, all you need to do is place the important things at first place. But the first place is not for page optimization, as you will also need the above fold when it will come from the results. That is the reason that many online visitors don’t scroll down and click the first result they see, which is one of the top three results. Keep in mind that the website, which is at the top, will get almost 40% of all the clicks. But ranking high is not all you will also need to make your links irresistible with some SEO Help. Now the first thing you need to do apart from having SOE consulting services, is writing titles for search engine but keep in mind that should not exceed 35 characters. Keep in mind that this SEO Help tip didn`t mean that your title will be banned but it will cut off which won’t make a good statement for your website. For having better titles keep following in mind:

Load your titles with keywords: you need to fill the titles with keywords, as people will only scan the first two words of your title.
Make it predictable: Keep in mind that your title should always be relevant to the topic or it will be bad for your website
State it clear: make the reader know that your webpage is according to those 65 characters or not
Put a little emotion in it: this will make the title attractive to the human eye as well as SEO
Now for the description
Making a good and keyword description will not only provide you good SEO Help but will make you different from the crowd:
Make them descriptive they should be filled with those keywords are related to your content
They should be unique so each Meta will be different from other pages
Make those shots as search engine limits Meta descriptions to 160 characters
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