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Types of VPS hosting

Have you built a website for your new company and looking for the reliable hosting servidores dedicados? Then, you need to choose the best hosting package and hosting type as per your business needs and budget. Ideally, a virtual private server is perfect to manage your business website or any small application. The VPS gives the business owner the complete control, i.e. root access over the website. Moreover, VPS is considered to be highly reliable and secure. In addition, VPS hosting is cost-effective compared to the collocation and dedicated hosting. It would be easy for you to manage the server in VPS hosting with the root access privileges. In a myriad of VPS hosting packages, you need to choose the best package. With VPS hosting, you can edit, delete and add data into the server through control panel and boost its performance.

Here are a few types of vps kvm hosting that you can avail from web hosting service providers
Windows VPS hosting
This hosting better works on windows operating system. It assures the same performance as that of dedicated servers. If you are installing any of the windows applications that are implemented using ASP, SharePoint, Microsoft SQL, then this hosting is an ideal option.
Linux VPS hosting
This hosting works better on Linux platform. This VPS hosting package is cost-effective. The best part is that, you convert Linux server to Windows server when required. However, it is quite challenging to convert Windows server to Linux server.
Managed VPS hosting
In this hosting, the technical team of hosting service provider does server monitoring, install security patches and upgrade the server regularly.
Unmanaged VPS hosting
In this type of hosting, you do not get much assistance from the hosting service provider. If you avail this hosting package, you are responsible to manage, supervise and fix the server glitches quickly. This type of hosting is not a viable option for the startup companies.