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Different pranks you can play on your brother

If your brother has played a prank on you and scared you many times, then it is time for you to play a prank on him and intimidate more than what he did to you. There are many simple pranks that you can perform at home, but you need to play the prank with caution. Basically, brothers are more annoying than sisters; they have ample freedom in the home to do anything. So, you can show your power of how much mischievous you are compared to them by playing the below prank hacks.

Making shoes smaller: You need to pick the favorite pair of shoes or sandals of your brother. You need to either take a cloth or cotton or stuff this inside the shoe and ensure that you stuff it properly that your brother does not experience any kind of uneasiness after wearing the shoes in which you stuffed the cloth or cotton. Suddenly, when he wears the shoes the next day to go out, he would be wondered to see the shoes becoming tight and smaller. If he could not figure out the prank you played, he wears another pair of shoes and steps out. You need to remove the stuff you fixed inside the shoes so that the next time when he wears the shoes he would be amazed to see the shoes are of right size.

Not strong: Another wonderful diy prank that you can play on your brother is to stick glue to the caps of shampoo and deodorants carefully and see how your brother struggles hard to remove the cap of the shampoo and deodorants.
Foamless soap: Boys do not maintain neatness as girls. They do not care what they apply to the body or dab on their clothes. Generally, boys will rub soap on the body and leave hair on them or leave the foam after bath on it. You need to take a new soap bar and paint nail polish on the bar. When your brother rubs the bar on the body, he would be wonder why the soap is not produced lather.