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Ear Stretching

ear stretching has turned into a remarkably common body modification fad in the past few years, particularly among fans of alternative fashion and piercings. But such as many body modifications, this one originated many years ago using the early Egyptian King Tutankhamen being one of the earliest people listed to have extended ears!

Along with the early Egyptians, ear stretching was common practice for native tribes in which it had been performed for various spiritual, cultural and traditional explanations. It’s thought that in certain tribes, men used ear stretching as a status symbol and that the bigger the ear was, the greater the person’s rank within the tribe. There’s also an opinion that ear stretching has been used to intimidate other tribes around the battle, again because of it is connotations with status and standing.
These days, ear stretching is becoming quite common in alternative and mainstream classes in Western civilization that means we view stretched ears within our daily lives. However, regardless of this process getting more and more prevalent it’s very important to keep in mind that this remains a severe body modification and should always be treated as a way to prevent injury.
Though tapers and stretching kits are readily available online and in shops, it’s advisable to stop by a professional piercer to help and counsel with ear stretching as errors throughout the stretching procedure may lead to serious harm to the ear.